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The Importance of Wearing the Correct Safety Equipment at Work Part 2

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1)   Safety vests
This is one of the common equipment for ecommerce solution providers india that one comes across in an important highway or parking lot. The use of safety vests is in several industries including the construction industry. Safety vests come with a wide range of assortment and it is ideal to buy a safety vest which complies with ANSI and ANSI class 2 standards.

2)   Respiratory protection
Any typical respiratory protection equipment offers protection in two basic ways. The first way wherein the wearer is protected from contaminants present in the air. Dust pollution is inevitable in a construction site. The respiratory protection equipment of this kind encompass “gas masks” that filter out gases and chemicals; and “particulate respirators that filter airborne substances. Apart from this, there are respirators that protect the worker through supply of clean respirator air from a different source. Some of the respirators that come in this segment include, self – contained breathing apparatus (SBCA) – it contains its own supply; airline respirators – it makes use of compressed air from a far off source. Leading manufacturers of respiratory protection equipment provide half – mask respirators and disposable masks in their assortments.

NIOSH has come out with recommendations and guidelines to use respirators. Hence, the respirators should be bought only if their industry type (construction in this case) approvals are complied with NIOSH federal respiratory regulations 42 CFR part – 84.Development of safety respirators are in tune with several with partners from the construction industry and government. The dealers can be approached in this regard for selecting the ideal respirators for the workers which are compliant with the above – mentioned standards.

3)   Hearing protection
Generally, the workers are that are working in e commerce solution providers in india exposed air tools, heavy equipment or machinery, and common hazards in a construction site. Apart from the physical risk they are exposed, hearing impairment is also possible if proper care is not taken in protecting the worker’s ears. The noise created from the operations of this machinery can potentially damage the hearing ability of the worker for life. There are various kinds of hearing protection equipment like ear muffs, ear plugs, disposable foam ear plugs which are very economical too. The cost of these equipment is mostly less than half a dollar per pair.

4)   Helmet
Hard hats otherwise known as helmets are one of the most commonly used safety equipment in any industrial setup. They ensure to protect the head from bumping into falling or low ceiling objects while providing a safe cover to the head.

5)   Safety gloves
Safety gloves are essential equipment in a construction industry wherein the workers are required to handle with hazardous and harmful chemicals or hot substances. Several types of gloves are available for construction workers that cater different requirements. Some of them include cotton gloves that are heat resistant are ideal for all basic operations while chemical gloves and welding gloves among others are used specifically used based on the kind of operation.

6)   Safety harness
Some of the important operations in a construction site consist of painting, maintenance operations, hoisting and other related activities. This requires the worker to work on elevated platforms which are at a significant distance from the ground. This necessarily comes with a huge amount of risk when proper safety measures are not adopted. Safety harnesses are designed for this purpose which has the objective to prevent falls and guarantee that safety of workers. With this safety harness, the worker is connected safely to the lifeline system

7)   Safety goggles or glasses
One of the most sensitive parts of a human body is the eyes. Serious eye injuries are possible when they are exposed to harmful working conditions on a continuous basis. Safety goggles or glasses should be worn when distributing or preparing chemical mixtures, and also at the time of welding operations. The type of material used in these goggles or glasses varies accordingly with the type of activity during which these equipment are used by the workers.


Though unpredictable accidents or potential hazards are inevitable in a construction industry, these things can be overcome by providing the workers that are working in custom ecommerce solution providers india with the basic safety equipment mentioned above. This not only increases productivity but also safe guards the life of skilled workers who are exposed to these effects constantly

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5 Big Mergers, Acquisitions and Spinoffs

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1.  Yahoo!-AOL Merger 

Yahoo Merged with AOL
          It is by no means a sure thing, but if activist Starboard Value gets  its way, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer's ambition of building Yahoo! back into a web titan will be derailed. Instead, the struggling Internet pioneer will be sold off and combined with another Internet 1.0 mainstay: AOL. This ecommerce service providers in india would likely entail AOL CEO Tim Armstrong taking the lead role in the merged company, given his reputation as an operations whiz. Although dealmakers have speculated a Yahoo!-AOL merger could be in the works -- there is little to report so far. But should a deal take place, it's likely to be a multi-billion-dollar deal and provide a windfall in advisory fees to the participating banks.

2.  eBay's Breakup

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          Activist shareholder in ecommerce service provider in india Carl Icahn finally won his war against venture capitalist and former eBay board member Marc Andreessen -- now that PayPal will be spun off of the online marketplace in 2015. With four quarters of rising revenue trailing at more than $7 billion, Goldman Sachs is set for a big payday as eBay's advisor. Already, eBay's market capitalization has swelled past the $70 billion mark, and a PayPal IPO is expected to be one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- initial public offering in the first half of 2015. eBay's announcement that it would spin off PayPal proved immediately accretive for its stock, but don't expect a huge pop in its share price until the PayPal spin off date draws near.

3.  Hewlett Packard split

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hp breakup with EMC

          Not every big breakup is spurred by an aggressive outside investor.Hewlett Packard decided to break itself up,before any outside hedge fund could lay siege to the 75-year-old tech titan. The ecommerce service providers india company is cleaving off its consumer businesses, such as printers and laptops, from its corporate services division. The corporate services division will be operate under the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise group. Even as this multi-billion dollar breakup continues into the new year, more M&A could be on the way once its split has been completed: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has been suggested as a possible acquirer of Massachusetts IT storage giant EMC HP's anticipated split comes as it abandons a five-year turnaround plan -- suggesting it would not succeed in its long-term goals -- and against a backdrop of gains nearing 45% in the public markets.

4.  VMware

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vmware merged with EMC
          Virtualization software company VMware is coming under pressure from activist investor Elliott Management, which is pushing storage giant EMC to sell its holdings in VMware. EMC, which owns an 80% stake in VMware, will likely look to offload its holdings in VMware in the New Year. Some market watchers like custom online shop developers in india have speculated that VMware could be acquired, if EMC is willing to sell its stake. With enterprise service providers looking to upload an increasing number of clients' data and information into the cloud, VMware, which underperformed the markets in 2014, could find itself coveted among strategic bidders. If that happens, look for its price tag to cross the $40 billion mark.

5.  TCS- CMC

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TCS with CMC
          Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the $13 billion flagship software unit of the Tata Group, has announced a merger with the listed CMC with itself as part of the group’s renewed efforts to consolidate its IT businesses under a single entity.At present, CMC employs over 6,000 people and has annual revenues worth Rs 2,000 crores. The deal was inked a few days back with e commerce service providers india. TCS already held a 51% stake in CMC.

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The Importance of Wearing the Correct Safety Equipment at Work Part 1

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Safety is of paramount importance for construction workers for the degree of hazards or probability of risk for ecommerce solutions providers in india that they exposed to, in their daily work life. The working conditions are that contain heavy-duty operations enables the working conditions with frequent or common injuries. Also, the productivity losses due to such incidents are huge while incurring costs in health bills for the workers who witnessed such accidents. Bearing all these concerns in mind, several construction companies have long back rearranged their priority lists in a construction site, apart from focusing only on the workers’ productivity and timely completion of work. They strive to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their workers to work with. The safety requirement of every construction company vary even sometimes it varies with the type of construction project they’ve undertaken. Based on the working conditions, they priorities their safety equipment requirements and also type of hardware involved in the operation. For instance, marine riggers use different safety gears from that used by the construction riggers. Thus, it is essential to choose safety equipment based on the type of risks, the construction workers are exposed to.
Safety equipment encompass fire detection kit, personal protection equipment, and life – saving kit for ecommerce solution provider india. All these equipment are designed to safe guard the workers from several potential injuries like burns, cuts, vision or hearing loss, and falls among others. Here are a few basic personal protection equipment that every individual construction worker should be provided to wear during on – site construction related operations.

1)  Safety clothing
Safety clothing is quintessential for Workers who are employed in a potentially hazardous construction site.  The kind of clothing or footwear can be chosen based on the type of work, every individual worker does. In the recent past, there is a wide range of safety clothing is available for workers in construction sites. Some of them include: specially manufactured T – Shirts, vests, jackets, trousers, shorts and safety footwear. These clothing protect the workers from chemical splashes, welding sparks, hot water, oil, etc. One of the important clothing parts is the protective clothing which should be definitely considered when there is a possibility of fire accident in the operation.

2)  Safety Shoes
The floor of a construction site is always littered with hazardous or hot chemicals, cement, sharp components which are likely cause burns, cuts, or bruises to the feet of any worker that are working at custom ecommerce solution providers india. Safety shoes are resistant to slippage while providing a firm grip on the ground which encourages the workers to do all the activities safely.

3)  Safety jacket
Before buying a safety jacket, the following are the things that are to be considered. Inspection of material used to make the safety clothing. The material should work effectively on order to sustain a reasonable temperature. The modern day safety jackets come with multi tool pockets while being water repellent. Light weight safety jackets are available to ensure that the work do not feel the burden in wearing the safety jacket during work. Any safety jacket should be durable, windproof and of course, functional!

4)  Safety footwear
Apart from safety jackets, safety footwear is equally important to the secure the feet of construction workers when they are at work. This safety footwear is exclusively designed for protecting the feet in harsh environments. Leather is used at times to manufacture safety shoes. It is tough material while providing protection to the worker’s feet. With a par of safety footwear is in place, the probability of getting hurt gets reduced significantly. Hence, it is very important to ensure appropriate safety clothing for the workers while working.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Information security processes and procedures

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Information security

With COBIT 5, ISACA introduced a framework for information security. It includes all aspects of ensuring reasonable and appropriate security for information resources for ecommerce solution providers in india. Its foundation is a set of principles upon which an organization should build and test security policies, standards, guidelines, processes, and controls:
  1. Meeting stakeholder needs.
  2. Covering the enterprise end-to-end.
  3. Applying a single integrated framework.
  4. Enabling a holistic approach.
  5. Separating governance from management.

Principle 1: Meeting stakeholder needs

A group of stakeholders includes any individual or group affected by the current state or future state of a process, system, policy, etc. Stakeholder analysis is the process of identifying stakeholders so that their input can ensure outcomes match requirements. This is an important step in both project planning and risk management. Failure to involve all stakeholders, including InfoSec and audit teams, usually results in less than optimum outcomes at best. Worst case outcomes include failed projects or material audit deficiencies.
Successful stakeholder analysis results in maximizing benefits, minimizing risk to or beyond expected outcomes, and optimizing resources. Further, ensuring integration of business and information assurance requirements into the development or acquisition of a solution is always preferable to trying to “hang” something onto a finished—but incomplete—system, network, or a physical controls framework.

Principle 2: Covering the enterprise end-to-end

Information security is often applied as series of point solutions, as defined in more detail in Principle 3. However, general application of security and assurance best practices requires security reviews as part of all business processes and IT development and implementation activities. This isn’t just a horizontal integration. Rather, all levels of management must include InfoSec in every business strategic and operational planning activity.
For example, a department vice president might implement a new business process without consulting audit or security for Custom eCommerce solution providers
  • If the organization has a solid security program, the VP is aware of and supports it, and C-level executives are clear in their requirement that each business process must conform to the program, then the new process will likely meet expected security outcomes: even without security and audit reviews. However, engaging InfoSec and audit teams to review major process changes is always a good idea: regardless of how “safe” or “insignificant” the change appears.

Principle 3: Applying a single integrated framework

Application of security controls is often a point-and-shoot activity. Many organizations tend to fix specific issues without stepping back and applying policies and controls that impact multiple vulnerabilities in network or system attack surfaces. Designing a complete framework for ecommerce solution providers india
 includes all aspects of information storage, flow, and processing, providing a foundation for more efficient control implementation.

Figure A

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Controls Matrix

One method of ensuring optimum use of controls is creation and management of a controls matrix for custom ecommerce developers, as shown in Figure A. A matrix should include areas of interest and critical controls, either developed during risk assessments or by using standards of best practice:
  • COBIT 5 for Information Security
  • ISO 27001
A framework supports a holistic approach to securing an organization.

Principle 4: Enabling a holistic approach

As support for developing an integrated framework, it’s important to see information security as a set of related components: not as set of silos. Each component is driven by enablers and other factors affecting organization risk. COBIT 5 for Information Security provides a list of enablers and describes how they interrelate as shown in Figure B. Enablers help organizations which are custom online shop developers, integrate operations and security into the outcomes of all principles defined here. As always, this is done in a way to meet stakeholder requirements.

Figure B

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Enabler Integration
  • Both IT and business teams use processes to get work done with consistent outcomes. Security teams must include how work is done when designing a security framework and program.
  • An organizational structure (a management hierarchy) is designed to monitor and reach strategic and operational objectives. Leaders (decision makers) from each level are typically stakeholders in business processes and expected outcomes.
  • An organization is a living entity, with its own culture, ethics, and behavior as exhibited by its employees. Changing the way employees see their working world is not easy and must be considered when trying to secure the workplace.
  • Information is what we attempt to protect… and it is usually everywhere. In most cases, information is critical for business operations for e commerce solution provider, and must be available when and where needed. Further, access to the data should not come with unacceptable response times caused by poorly designed security controls.
  • IT delivers information via services, infrastructure, and applications.
  • All security control implementations require attention to people, skills, and competencies: both in and out of IT. For example, is it more appropriate to enforce a policy with technical controls, or are the employees able administratively to meet expected risk outcomes?
  • Principles, policies, and frameworks provide the means to integrate all enablers into an overall solution resulting in secure operational success. The enablers help achieve the outcomes expected when developing principles, policies, and frameworks.

Principle 5: Separating governance from management

This principle establishes a line between setting objectives and measuring outcomes. According to COBIT 5 for Information Security:

“Governance ensures that stakeholder needs, conditions, and options are evaluated to determine balances, agreed-on enterprise objectives to be achieved; setting direction through prioritization and decision making; and monitoring performance and compliance against agreed-on direction and objectives.

While governance and management are separate functions performed by designated teams, they must support each other. Governance defines outcomes and management implements technology and processes to meet those outcomes. Governance then determines if outcomes are met and provides feedback to help management make necessary adjustments.

  1. COBIT 5 for Information Security provides a comprehensive framework for  e commerce solution provider india, for integrating security into business processes.  It also provides a set of enablers that, when applied, help ensure stakeholder acceptance and efficient business operation.
  2. Organizations must integrate security into every facet of management and operations. This begins with identifying all business processes and associated stakeholders, including audit and InfoSec teams.
  3. Point-and-shoot approaches to managing security will not achieve the best overall results. A holistic approach—one that defines a complete framework used to integrate new controls or vulnerability remediation—is necessary for both security and financial efficiency and efficacy.

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