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The Importance of Wearing the Correct Safety Equipment at Work Part 2

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1)   Safety vests
This is one of the common equipment for ecommerce solution providers india that one comes across in an important highway or parking lot. The use of safety vests is in several industries including the construction industry. Safety vests come with a wide range of assortment and it is ideal to buy a safety vest which complies with ANSI and ANSI class 2 standards.

2)   Respiratory protection
Any typical respiratory protection equipment offers protection in two basic ways. The first way wherein the wearer is protected from contaminants present in the air. Dust pollution is inevitable in a construction site. The respiratory protection equipment of this kind encompass “gas masks” that filter out gases and chemicals; and “particulate respirators that filter airborne substances. Apart from this, there are respirators that protect the worker through supply of clean respirator air from a different source. Some of the respirators that come in this segment include, self – contained breathing apparatus (SBCA) – it contains its own supply; airline respirators – it makes use of compressed air from a far off source. Leading manufacturers of respiratory protection equipment provide half – mask respirators and disposable masks in their assortments.

NIOSH has come out with recommendations and guidelines to use respirators. Hence, the respirators should be bought only if their industry type (construction in this case) approvals are complied with NIOSH federal respiratory regulations 42 CFR part – 84.Development of safety respirators are in tune with several with partners from the construction industry and government. The dealers can be approached in this regard for selecting the ideal respirators for the workers which are compliant with the above – mentioned standards.

3)   Hearing protection
Generally, the workers are that are working in e commerce solution providers in india exposed air tools, heavy equipment or machinery, and common hazards in a construction site. Apart from the physical risk they are exposed, hearing impairment is also possible if proper care is not taken in protecting the worker’s ears. The noise created from the operations of this machinery can potentially damage the hearing ability of the worker for life. There are various kinds of hearing protection equipment like ear muffs, ear plugs, disposable foam ear plugs which are very economical too. The cost of these equipment is mostly less than half a dollar per pair.

4)   Helmet
Hard hats otherwise known as helmets are one of the most commonly used safety equipment in any industrial setup. They ensure to protect the head from bumping into falling or low ceiling objects while providing a safe cover to the head.

5)   Safety gloves
Safety gloves are essential equipment in a construction industry wherein the workers are required to handle with hazardous and harmful chemicals or hot substances. Several types of gloves are available for construction workers that cater different requirements. Some of them include cotton gloves that are heat resistant are ideal for all basic operations while chemical gloves and welding gloves among others are used specifically used based on the kind of operation.

6)   Safety harness
Some of the important operations in a construction site consist of painting, maintenance operations, hoisting and other related activities. This requires the worker to work on elevated platforms which are at a significant distance from the ground. This necessarily comes with a huge amount of risk when proper safety measures are not adopted. Safety harnesses are designed for this purpose which has the objective to prevent falls and guarantee that safety of workers. With this safety harness, the worker is connected safely to the lifeline system

7)   Safety goggles or glasses
One of the most sensitive parts of a human body is the eyes. Serious eye injuries are possible when they are exposed to harmful working conditions on a continuous basis. Safety goggles or glasses should be worn when distributing or preparing chemical mixtures, and also at the time of welding operations. The type of material used in these goggles or glasses varies accordingly with the type of activity during which these equipment are used by the workers.


Though unpredictable accidents or potential hazards are inevitable in a construction industry, these things can be overcome by providing the workers that are working in custom ecommerce solution providers india with the basic safety equipment mentioned above. This not only increases productivity but also safe guards the life of skilled workers who are exposed to these effects constantly

Courtesy : Aagam Shah

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